November 1, 2016

VIDEO: Down-Ballot Democrats Back In Hot Seat After New Email Bombshell

After the FBI news that totally reshaped the 2016 landscape, Democrats sharing the ballot with Hillary Clinton are back in the hot seat having to answer for yet another Clinton scandal.

America Rising’s newest video, appropriately titled “Bombshell,” documents a half dozen different Democrats getting pressed on camera about their ethically challenged standard bearer.

Check out their tortured responses here:

Randy Perkins (FL-18): Less than two hours before FBI Director Comey dropped this latest bombshell, Hillary Clinton’s pal, “Randy Parker,” said that he thought she was honest. But just hours later that evening, he refused to answer whether he would still vote for her.

Doug Applegate (CA-49): Choosing the same tactic as Perkins, Applegate’s only response when asked hours after the news broke if he would still vote for her was a smirk.

Patrick Murphy (FL): Speaking at a Clinton rally just a mere four hours later, Patrick Murphy was chose to renew his support for the flawed presidential candidate.

Russ Feingold (WI): The following day in an interview, “Call Him ‘Russ’” Feingold joined Patrick Murphy in supporting Clinton despite the stain her emails continue to cause on the Democratic Party.

Ted Strickland (OH): With his campaign in shambles and his party deserting him, Ted Strickland decided not to openly align himself with Clinton and avoided answering whether he regrets voting for his party’s nominee.

Maggie Hassan (NH): Even though she stood by Clinton’s side at a rally earlier in the week, Maggie Hassan refused to answer whether she would still vote for Clinton. She was so adamant about dodging the question that she ignored it not once but twice.

With only a week to convince voters that they’re not scandal-plagued, we here at America Rising eagerly anticipate how the rest of the Democratic Party will respond to this drip, drip, drip of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.