April 13, 2016

VIDEO: Bill Clinton Continues Clinton Campaign’s Condescending Attitude Toward Voters

Bill Clinton continued to show how bad of a campaign surrogate he has become last night during a speech to Emily’s List. While talking about Hillary Clinton’s lack of support among young voters, Clinton insulted young voters multiple times.

First, Clinton called them disillusioned and played off their support for Sanders as being a product of them not remembering the 1990s. As if that weren’t bad enough, Clinton then called them “righteous” and “sanctimonious.”

Bill Clinton’s comments highlight a major headache for Clinton’s presidential chances. In the past when Hillary Clinton has been confronted on her lack of youth support, she has claimed that everyone will unite when she’s the nominee. Yet Clinton’s awful favorable rating might prevent that from occurring.

Even Democrats now recognize that Clinton’s massive deficit with youth voters and her “historically low” unfavorable numbers present problems for her campaign:

“Democrats acknowledge those findings are a problem. ‘They’re pretty bad,’ said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon, who connected the poor poll numbers to separate findings that show a broad number of Americans don’t trust Clinton.”

Additionally, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s attitude toward young voters is a major reason why Hillary Clinton lost them by a whopping 64% in the Wisconsin primary. If the tone of the Clinton campaign toward young voters doesn’t change, she could be looking at a similar margin in the critical New York primary six days from today.