April 20, 2017

VIDEO: “Came Up Short”

This has not been a good week for Jon Ossoff and the Democratic Party. They had all counted on Ossoff clearing the 50% hurdle and preventing a vote on June 20th. Yet after Ossoff fell short, the knives came out for him. As America Rising’s new video shows, first seen in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ossoff has been bashed relentlessly for wasting money, for being a “stiff candidate,” and for not even being qualified to run for Congress.

Even more worrying than the tremendous personal criticism Ossoff has received since Tuesday has got to be the pronouncements that his momentum was stalled by Tuesday’s vote. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt captured that sentiment when she said yesterday that Democrats were “discouraged” and “disappointed” after Tuesday.

Jon Ossoff “came up short” on Tuesday, and as more Georgia-6 voters hear about his embellished resume, residency issues, and ties to Nancy Pelosi it’s only downhill from here.