November 5, 2016

VIDEO: Catherine Cortez Masto Says She Has “No Problem With Trusting” Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has never been more unpopular. Apparently no one bothered to tell Catherine Cortez Masto, Harry Reid’s hand-picked candidate in the Nevada Senate race, about Hillary Clinton’s record-setting levels of unpopularity.

Speaking with NBC-Las Vegas, Cortez Masto gave one of the most fulsome endorsements of Clinton’s trust and qualifications imaginable:

JEFF GILLAN: “Do you think Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and honest and all of those things? So you know if he were here, he’d go look, you don’t like Trump, I don’t like Clinton. She’s got, she’s got skeletons, she’s got charges. What do you think?” CATHERINE CORTEZ MASTO: “Oh no, I have no problem with trusting Hillary, and I think she’s by far head and shoulders above Trump, better person to be commander-in-chief. She’s got the temperament, she’s got the experience, background. I trust her in foreign affairs as well as the economy here.”

Cortez Masto’s out of touch answer on Clinton’s trust, in light of the recent FBI news, will certainly not endear her to those Nevada voters who will be voting in three days.