2 years ago

VIDEO: Chuck Todd Annihilates DNC Chairwoman About Getting Replaced As DNC Chair

A good rule of thumb for all the job holders out there: when it’s headline news that you plan on staying in your current job, you’ve done something wrong.

Yet that’s the situation DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz faces after she did an absolutely disastrous job during the Democratic primary.

Appearing on MSNBC yesterday, Wasserman Schultz was “repeatedly peppered” with tough questions from Chuck Todd on whether she might be pushed out of her role at the DNC to appease the Sanders faction of the party:

“Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Tuesday said she plans to serve out her term with the party despite Bernie Sanders‘s calls for her to step down. She fell back on variations of the same answer as MSNBC’s Chuck Todd repeatedly peppered her with questions about her future with the party. At the end of the interview, Todd followed up again to make sure she had been clear.”

Wasserman Schultz faces an especially perilous situation because one of Sanders’ post-primary demands is a change in leadership at the DNC:

“‘We need a person at the leadership of the DNC who is vigorously supporting and out working to bring people into the political process,’ Sanders said. ‘Yeah, I know political parties need money. But it is more important that we have energy.'”

If that happens, at least the headlines will stop too.