March 6, 2016

VIDEO: Clinton Has Absolutely No Answer On Unions Protecting Bad Teachers

During Sunday’s Democratic debate Hillary Clinton continued to pander to the powerful teachers’ unions at the expense of school children across the country. Clinton refused to answer Anderson Cooper’s question on re-evaluating teacher tenure for bad teachers.

This is not the first time Clinton has put teachers’ union first. Earlier this year Clinton flip-flopped on her long-held position on charter schools. As First Lady Clinton was a strong supporter of them:

“The charter school movement should not be seen as a threat to public schools. They should be seen as a liberation of public schools.”

Yet Senator Sanders’ strong surge from the left caused her to need the teachers’ unions support. The teachers’ unions hate charter schools, so not surprisingly Clinton did a complete 180 on the subject in South Carolina:

“So I want parents to be able to exercise choice within the public school system — not outside of it — but within it.”

Notably, Clinton’s flip-flop did not go unnoticed by editorial boards across the country. The Wall Street Journal said Clinton’s flip-flop showed her Education Department would be a “wholly-owned union subsidiary”:

“Hillary Clinton has moved to the left of President Obama on trade, energy, immigration, student loans, health care and entitlements. But even we’re surprised by her latest move, which is to turn against charter schools as an engine of education opportunity… Mrs. Clinton’s charter reversal suggests her Education Department would be a wholly owned union subsidiary. The losers will be the poor parents and children who Democrats claim to represent.”