November 20, 2015

VIDEO: Clinton Of 2015 Vs. Clinton Of 2011: Al-Qaeda Is Not On The Run

In a week dominated by foreign policy, some have speculated that Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State would give her an advantage. in the presidential race. Yet all it’s done is highlight the myriad of ways she’s been wrong about the biggest challenges the United States has faced abroad. In a speech yesterday to the Council on Foreign Relations, Hillary Clinton stated that:

We’ve had a lot of conversation about ISIS in the last week, let’s not forget Al-Qaeda. They still have the most sophisticated bomb makers, ambitious plotters, and active affiliates in places like Yemen and North Africa.

That’s a 180 from the language she was using to describe Al-Qaeda as Secretary of State. In 2011, then-Secretary Clinton, in testimony before Congress, stated that Al-Qaeda was “on the run.” She used her testimony to take credit for herself and the Obama Administration for putting in place policies that had decimated Al-Qaeda. At that time Clinton was following the campaign rhetoric of Barack Obama, who was using the claim that Al-Qaeda was “on the run” as a campaign tool. Hillary Clinton got it wrong in 2011. With the many foreign policy challenges the United States faces today, we cannot afford campaign rhetoric masquerading as foreign policy for another four years.