April 5, 2016

VIDEO: Clinton Repeatedly Confronted By The View Hosts On Her Untrustworthiness

As Hillary Clinton struggles to win the Democratic primary, her biggest obstacle has been voter’s belief that she’s inauthentic, dishonest, and untrustworthy. Judging by her answer to Joy Behar during Clinton’s appearance on The View, that problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

After prefacing the question with how much she admires Clinton, Behar asked Clinton why voters find her such a dishonest politician. Clinton’s answer was that she had no clue why that was the case, saying that “I don’t understand that.”

Shortly after being asked about her authenticity problem, Clinton was asked about the FBI’s continued investigation into her illicit, private email server. Specifically, one host asking if voters “feel that you’re untrustworthy because of the e-mail scandal?”

Clinton dodged the question, while saying that other Secretaries of State have done it. That answer has of course been fact checked and found “mostly false.”

If Clinton thought her interview on The View would be a layup, that hope obviously did not come to pass. Clinton was repeatedly questioned about her untrustworthiness and email scandal, and could do nothing but dodge those questions. Not exactly the answers that are going to calm her nervous supporters after her string of losses to Sanders.