April 6, 2016

VIDEO: Clinton Supporter Ed Rendell: “The Clinton Campaign Should Turn Down The Rhetoric”

Clinton supporter and former Governor Ed Rendell (D-PA) issued a warning today to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. After watching the campaign’s increased personal attacks on Senator Bernie Sanders, Rendell warned that if her campaign did not “turn down the rhetoric,” the legion of Sanders voters won’t turn out for her if she’s the Democratic nominee:

“I think the Clinton campaign should turn down the rhetoric because we’re gonna need a large percentage of those Bernie Sanders voters to be for Secretary Clinton in November.”

Given that a new poll today showed 25% of Sanders’ voters won’t vote for Clinton in November, Rendell’s warning is strongly supported. Yet, the damage might already be done. Looking at some recent headlines its clear that the bad feelings between the campaigns will take a tremendous amount of healing:

The Hill: “Clinton: ‘I feel sorry’ for young people who believe Sanders’s claims”

Mediaite: “Hillary Clinton Brushes Bernie Sanders Off With Most Dismissive Chuckle Ever”

Washington Times: “Hillary Clinton has ‘lost patience’ with Bernie Sanders, will ramp up attack”

Politico: “Hillary Clinton has had enough of Bernie Sanders”

ABC: “Hillary Clinton Questions Whether Bernie Sanders Is a Democrat: ‘I’m Not Even Sure He Is One'”