February 17, 2016

VIDEO: Clinton’s Disastrous Nevada Interview

Hillary Clinton’s Nevada campaign is not going the way she planned as a new CNN/ORC poll shows her tied with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and trailing among voters under age 55.

But the new CNN/ORC poll was not the only bad news for Clinton’s Silver State effort this week. Clinton sat down with top Nevada journalist Jon Ralston and was pressed on a series of issues facing her campaign.

First, after weeks of trying to get as close to President Obama as possible, Clinton dodged twice on whether she believed Obama is a “great” president:

Despite Clinton refusing to call Obama a great president twice, she was bizarrely unable to name a single policy of his that she wouldn’t continue if she were president:

Finally, Ralston confronted Clinton about her position on sending child migrants back to their country of origin—a hot-button issue during the summer of 2014 as the U.S. saw a huge influx of children amassing along its southern border. After Ralston asked Clinton if she regretted her position, she said she did not: