October 25, 2016

VIDEO: Democrats Have A Hillary Clinton Problem

America Rising’s new video called “The Hillary Clinton Problem,” shows that Democrats are feeling the heat because of their Presidential nominee. The results are in, and the winner for most ridiculous remark you can make in a House or Senate debate is one praising Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness. Throughout this debate season, House and Senate Democratic candidates have been faced with countless hard questions on the top of their ticket.

The highlights (or maybe lowlights is a more accurate term) of the new video include:

In #FL-19, a debate crowd laughing raucously at turncoat Charlie Crist when he described Clinton as “honest”;

In #NCSEN, Deborah Ross opting to just avoid the question of Clinton’s trust entirely;

In #WISEN, Russ Feingold calling Hillary Clinton “reliable and trustworthy” and inexplicably adding that she “has good judgment”;

in #NV-03, Democrat Jacky Rosen ducking the question on Clinton’s trust four separate times when pressed by Jon Ralston;

In #FLSEN, Privileged Patrick Murphy not having an answer when pressed on his statement that he trusts Clinton “100 percent;

In #AZSEN, Ann Kirkpatrick really not wanting to talk about Clinton at all;

In #OHSEN, Retread Ted Strickland actually defending Clinton’s trustworthiness;

And the spot concludes with CNN’s Jake Tapper laughing at Maggie Hassan’s inability to answer a “pretty direct question” about Clinton’s honesty.

Hillary Clinton’s historically high untrustworthy numbers have presented a myriad of complications for down ballot Democrats. The true weight of those problems will not be fully known until Election Day.