February 23, 2016

VIDEO: Despite Dreadful Honesty Numbers, Clinton Says Email Scandal Will Have “No Lasting Effect”

During tonight’s CNN Democratic town hall Hillary Clinton faced another question on the recent news that she could face a subpoena over her use of a private, illicit email server when she was Secretary of State.

Chris Cuomo pressed Clinton on whether the continuing “drip, drip, drip” of negative news will hurt her campaign. According to Clinton though the email scandal will have “any lasting effect” on her campaign.

Really, no lasting impact? Someone should show Clinton her honest and trustworthy numbers. Last week a Quinnipiac poll showed that 67% of all Americans said no when asked if Clinton was honest and trustworthy.

Just today, a Gallup poll found that the #1 word Americans used to describe Clinton was dishonest:

“In a word list of what comes to mind about Clinton, 21 percent of respondents described the former secretary of State as ‘dishonest/liar/don’t trust her/poor character’ in the survey released early Tuesday.”

With such awful honest and trustworthy numbers Clinton’s answer to Cuomo seems hopelessly out of touch. Yet maybe everyone’s looking at this the wrong way. Clinton is a candidate who dodges a question by Scott Pelley about if she’s ever lied to the American people. Maybe Clinton views it as a victory that even one American still says she’s honest and trustworthy.