October 26, 2016

VIDEO: Emily Cain: Yes, Clinton Is A Person Of Good Character

Hillary Clinton is very unpopular in Maine’s second congressional district. A recent poll found that only 37% of Maine residents have a favorable opinion of Clinton, with many citing their lack of trust in her as the reason. Given that fact, Democrat Emily Cain’s answer about her support for the Democratic nominee is sure to cause her campaign heartburn in the coming days.

Cain went far beyond the standard support a Democrat would give to her party’s nominee when she answered, “Yes,” to the question of whether or not Clinton was a person of “good character.” Cain’s stunning pronouncement came on the same day that a high profile Democratic congressman from Minnesota publicly declared he is unable to vote for Clinton on November 8 because of her extreme views on the environment.

Given the numerous scandals Clinton has faced this year, many residents in Maine’s second congressional district are surely shaking their heads at such an out of touch answer.