September 13, 2013

VIDEO Flashback: Five Videos Highlighting Clinton’s Mishandling And Cover-Up Of The Benghazi Attack

With the attack on the U.S. diplomatic facility having occurred one year ago yesterday, America Rising would like to point out five key videos regarding Secretary of State Clinton’s mishandling of the security situation prior to the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, her efforts to cover up her Department’s failures, and her shameful effort to dismiss her actions in the wake of four dead Americans.

1. At House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing in May, former Libya Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom, whose requests for more security were denied, said Secretary Clinton would have been briefed on the requests.

2. Days after the attack, a senior Clinton State Department official scrubbed references to a terrorist attack and prior threat warnings from the now infamous Benghazi talking points that led Susan Rice to make false statements on all five Sunday talk shows blaming them on protests due to an offensive video.

3. This past weekend, Deputy Chief of Mission to Benghazi Gregory Hicks in an interview with ABC News says he immediately told Clinton’s State Department Benghazi was a terrorist attack the night of the attack, and that the offensive video was not even considered as a cause and that there was no protest.

4. Hicks also alleges he was “shunted” aside, essentially punished for speaking out about the attacks.

5. At a hearing in January, Clinton dismissed the controversy in one fell swoop, declaring: “What difference does it make?”