April 4, 2016

VIDEO: For Second Straight Day, Bill Clinton Confuses Merrick Garland For Sri Srinivasan

As his high profile gaffes have mounted, America Rising has long highlighted that Bill Clinton is not the campaigner he used to be. Over the last two days, Clinton has validated our claim that the former president has lost a few MPH off his once vaunted fastball.

First in Los Angeles, and now in Wisconsin, Clinton confused Merrick Garland with another Obama Supreme Court finalist, Sri Srinivasan. Each time, Clinton used as part of his justification for Garland that he was confirmed by vote of 97-0. Yet, it was Srinivasan who was confirmed by that vote total. Garland actually received 23 no votes when Clinton appointed him to the D.C. Court of Appeals in 1997.

Clinton’s gaffe on consecutive days illustrates once again that if Hillary Clinton’s struggling campaign was hoping for a repeat of Bill Clinton’s 2012 performance, they need to seriously re-evaluate that plan.