October 22, 2016

VIDEO: FOX Indianapolis Says Bayh Waking Up To Worst Day Of His Campaign

Evan Bayh has had a lot of really bad days during his Senate campaign, so it’s a significant milestone that this morning, FOX Indianapolis called yesterday “possibly the worst day he’s seen in the campaign.” Given that the election is less than three weeks away, Bayh’s timing could not be worse.

Bayh’s day started badly and never improved. First, the Associated Press reported that Bayh did not spend a single night in his condo in all of 2010, his last year in the Senate. Then, the Indianapolis Star, Indiana’s largest newspaper, endorsed Bayh’s opponent Congressman Todd Young, slamming Bayh in the process as a lobbyist sellout.

Bayh’s two biggest problems during the campaign is that he abandoned Indiana and made millions as a lobbyist. Yesterday’s events in Indiana greatly accentuated both of Bayh’s issues.