October 19, 2016

VIDEO: Jacky Rosen Ducks Four Times On Hillary Clinton’s Honesty

No one has ever accused Nevada’s top political journalist Jon Ralston of giving up on a question. Even a cursory look at Ralston’s interview with Jacky Rosen, the Democrat running in Nevada’s third congressional district, shows exactly that. Democrats left and right have been dodging questions about whether they believe Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy this entire year.

Rosen was just the latest Democrat to be caught up by this question. Ralston pressed Rosen four times on whether issues like her email scandal have caused Rosen to question Clinton’s honesty. Rosen could only duck and dodge. At one point Ralston pressed Rosen on the fact that the Democrat didn’t want to talk about Clinton’s trust at all. Rosen ended the exchange similarly to Maggie Hassan’s disastrous handling of that same question last month.

With only three weeks until election day, Rosen might hope to run out the clock on issues like Clinton’s trustworthiness. Yet exchanges like this one will prevent that from happening.