November 10, 2015

VIDEO: John Bel Edwards Brags About Getting “F” Rating On Jobs

VITTER: Economic development and workforce development is critical. You are trying to portray this myth that you are a conservative or moderate, you are in the middle, you are going to unite and you have a mainstream record. But if you look at the record it is different. Leading pro-business groups and economic development groups give you a low score. National Federation of Independent Business, 23% rating. The top economic development group in the state, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, 25% lifetime rating. That is lower than Mitch and Mary Landrieu and Bill Jefferson. That is the bottom 10% of the Legislature. Why should voters think that is a pro-economic, workforce development record that will grow jobs and the economy?

EDWARDS: The Louisiana Association of Businesses gave 90 legislators “F” grades and I was one because it didn’t like the way we supported the universities, hospitals and people of Louisiana.