April 18, 2016

VIDEO: Katie McGinty Booed At “Fight For $15” Rally

Katie McGinty wants you to know she is ALL IN on the so-called “Fight for $15” movement – which is funded by many of the big labor special interests backing her campaign – but her appearance at an April 14th rally in Philadephia didn’t go according to plan.

As she finished speaking, boos drowned out the applause and audience members shouted:

“Katie McGinty doesn’t support fifteen!”

“Katie McGinty takes money from the oil!”

McGinty’s primary opponents, especially Braddock Mayor and Bernie Sanders backer John Fetterman, have pointed out that this is her third position in as many years – during her run for governor in 2014, McGinty only favored a $9 minimum wage, before jumping on the $10.10 bandwagon a few months later.

McGinty’s populist play on the minimum wage appears to be going over about as well as her hypocritical claim to oppose outside spending (that one hit a bump when outside groups started spending millions of dollars on her behalf).