May 25, 2016

VIDEO: Lanny Davis: “Absolutely” Clinton Donations Should Be Investigated

Bill Clinton’s former special counsel Lanny Davis is a long-time associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A cursory look at Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails will find “cringe-inducing” emails from Davis to the former Secretary of State.

Additionally, Davis has also bragged about the fact that he’s known Clinton for decades, and strongly supports her candidacy:

“This is the same Hillary Clinton I knew 46 years ago, the same person who drew friends in the audience from elementary school, even from kindergarten. This is the Hillary Clinton I am convinced will be elected as the next and first female president of the United States.”

Given these facts, Davis’ comments today to Fox News come as massive surprise. Speaking on the network, Davis agreed with the Martha McCallum that the Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation should be investigated by the FBI for their money-raising practices:

MARTHA MACCALLUM: I’m sure it’s not surprising to you that they would look at anything related to Terry McAuliffe since he has worked so closely with them on all of this. LANNY DAVIS: Absolutely not surprising. They should look at Bill, Hillary Clinton. Every donation. Terry McAuliffe, me i donated. everything should be looked at.

Davis has long made a career out of being a Clinton apologist. If he’s now willing to admit the investigations into Hillary Clinton, Terry McAuliffe, and the Clinton Foundation are legitimate, they must be even more serious than previously imagined.