April 11, 2016

VIDEO: Katie McGinty’s NAFTA Flip Flop

During Saturday’s Democratic primary debate, floundering establishment candidate Katie McGinty tried to pander to the grassroots by decrying trade agreements – specifically their ability to grow the economy:

“I think for thirty-some years we’ve been kind of throwing this Hail Mary pass that just one more trade deal, one more trade deal and finally we’ll get equal treatment and be able to access markets and be able to grow our economy. But what we’ve seen is this parallel: trade agreements, loss of manufacturing, and loss of the middle class in this country.” 

McGinty later refused to give a straight answer to the moderator’s direct question about whether she wants to renegotiate or eliminate NAFTA, repeating her claim that it has been ineffective for “thirty years” before attempting to pivot to campaign talking points:

But in 1994, while working in the Clinton administration, McGinty was singing a radically different tune on NAFTA:

MCGINTY: As we move forward, what are some of our guiding principles? First, it’s jobs and the environment. This president not only understands that the jobs or environment mystique is a false choice, but in fact he understands that the exact opposite is true. Well designed environmental policy is a stimulus to economic growth. That is what the clean car initiative is all about. When we have cities in the United States, and indeed around the world, that are just saying no to automobile traffic in their streets then we know that the future of the automobile industry is in designing an environmentally sound car. That’s what NAFTA is all about. Strong economic growth with strong environmental protections. The two go hand in hand.

So what, exactly, has caused McGinty to flip flop on NAFTA, other than trade agreements being deeply unpopular with the 2016 Democratic primary electorate? It seems that, once again, Katie McGinty will say or do anything to get elected.