April 18, 2016

VIDEO: Michael Bennet’s Brutal Weekend At Bernie’s

Michael Bennet had a rough weekend. He likely expected to spend his Saturday basking in the accolades of the Party faithful at the Colorado Democratic Convention as their unopposed senate nominee, but that’s not what happened. Bennet’s speech was repeatedly drowned out by hecklers from his own party, enraged that he’s still a Clinton superdelegate despite Bernie Sanders’ landslide win in the state.

Here’s a rundown of the local press coverage of Bennet’s brutal brouhaha:

Colorado Public Radio:

Sen. Michael Bennet had an even harder time at the podium. He’s a superdelegate and he plans to support Clinton at this summer’s national Democratic convention – even though the majority of Colorado democrats voted for Sanders at last month’s caucuses.

Bennet at times struggled to speak over Sanders supporters’ chanting, “Change your vote!”

The Colorado Springs Gazette:

What should have been a rallying cry for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet as he prepares for a tough election in November was hijacked by thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters angry that the Democratic Party superdelegate is supporting Hillary Clinton despite Sanders’ clear victory in Colorado.

“Change your vote. Change your vote,” the crowd chanted as Bennet took the stage Saturday at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland. Sanders’ supporters didn’t stop yelling when Bennet started and then interrupted his speech several times.

The Colorado Independent:

As a Democratic superdelegate supporting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Bennet has made enemies with the rowdy Sanders supporters who argue he should shift his vote to conform to the majority of Colorado Democrats who felt the Bern on Super Tuesday.

Shouts of “Change your vote!” echoed throughout the main hall of the Budweiser Event Center as Bennet stumbled through his acceptance speech trying to tell fellow Dems he would seek a second term. But stomping feet, jeering and boos drowned him out.

Several times, he paused, pleading with Sanders’ furious delegates to allow him to finish.

They continued to slam him.

The Colorado Statesman:

“I know there are a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters in the crowd. I know there’s a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters in this crowd. And I’m glad we’re having this debate in our party, particularly when I see what’s going on on the other side,” Bennet said. “But when the primary is over, we will come together to elect a Democratic president of the United States, win this Senate seat and control a Democratic majority in the United States Senate and right here in Colorado.”

“Change your vote! Change your vote!” chanted the crowd.