May 24, 2016

VIDEO: Minnesota Democrat All In For Bernie Sanders, Slams Hillary Clinton

In recent interviews with Minnesota’s 8th District Congressman Rick Nolan, including a wide-ranging interview on CSPAN this morning, he was vocal in his desire for Bernie Sanders to go to the Democratic National Convention as well as in his criticisms of Hillary Clinton and her scandal-plagued career:

NOLAN: “… Things can change rather dramatically, rather quickly. So you know, Hillary went to the convention and I think Bernie should go to the convention…” (0:28-0:37)

NOLAN: “Well to be sure there are differences between Bernie and Hillary, and one of those is Bernie’s authenticity. Bernie is Bernie, he’s the same Bernie today that he was 10 years ago and 20 years ago and 40 years ago. And that’s a virtue that resonates with the American people and quite frankly it resonates with me. And arguably Hillary is, in a positive way you would say, a more nuanced politician. But she’s more clever trying play all sides of the issues and find that balancing.”

NOLAN: “… And it’s real easy to raise the question of what really happened here. And as a practical matter, those instances are always, and at least they should be, investigated, and in the case of Vince Foster and the others, they were thoroughly investigated and found that his death was a suicide. So to be raising those questions and continuing that argument, because nobody can prove beyond absolute, any doubt, whatsoever, that that in fact is what happened. But we have a process, we have a system to adjudicating these things and we come to a conclusion, and that was the conclusion in that case.” (0:46-1:35)


Nolan is not alone in his view of the 2016 Democratic presidential candidates. Millions of grassroots Democrats are deeply dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton, who they view as untrustworthy due to her policy flip flops, political posturing, and her record of mismanagement at the State Department.