October 6, 2016

VIDEO: Morning Joe Looks Back At Bill Clinton’s “Number Of Missteps”

This morning, Bill Clinton’s year of political “missteps” was featured on Morning Joe. The topic has once again become relevant due to Clinton’s negative Obamacare comments earlier this week. Yet as Morning Joe shows, Clinton’s gaffes have been plentiful this year. They’ve included frequent critiques of President Obama, including saying that Hillary Clinton’s election would put the “awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.”

Unfortunately for Clinton, his latest comment, “undercutting” Democrats’ messaging on Obamacare, appears like it will have a lasting impact. Today the Wall Street Journal reported that Republicans are already incorporating the former President’s remarks into their races:

“Former President Bill Clinton’s off-key remarks Monday about problems with the Affordable Care Act reverberated through House and Senate races this week, undercutting his party’s campaign message that the law is working and potentially complicating efforts to shore up the law. Republican candidates across the country have been pointing to Mr. Clinton’s comments that the law’s impact on people who had insurance before its enactment was ‘the craziest thing in the world.’”

With a month left in the campaign, there’s still plenty of time for Bill Clinton to add to his already large collection of gaffes and missteps this year.