February 18, 2016

VIDEO: Morning Joe Panel Discusses Bad Optics Of Clinton Leaving Nevada On Caucus Day

Today on Morning Joe, the panel had a field day with the news that Hillary Clinton will be leaving Nevada for Texas on the day of the Nevada caucus.

As the panel mentioned numerous times, this might be a sign that the Clinton campaign is nervous about the results in the state.

They’re not alone. In The Hill numerous sources close to the Clinton campaign remark with wonder how the campaign ever got in such a poor state:

“’I don’t get it. I don’t think anyone expected this race to look like this,’ said one former Clinton aide who maintains ties with the campaign. ‘A big loss in New Hampshire, basically a tie going into Nevada. You have to ask yourself, ‘What’s next?’”

The story also raises the possibility that a Clinton loss in Nevada will have far-reaching consequences:

“Team Clinton maintains confidence that its lead in South Carolina will hold, but the potential loss in Nevada has put people on edge about a possible “domino effect” in which states could fall one by one to Sanders as the Vermont Independent gains momentum. ‘It’s hard to feel confident about South Carolina if you lose Nevada,’ the former aide said.”

A Clinton loss in Nevada would also likely mean changes to her campaign:

“Internally, both Bill and Hillary Clinton have voiced their displeasure with various aspects of the campaign, particularly on messaging and organizing, according to sources. Those involved with the campaign increasingly a reshuffling will take place, especially if Clinton suffers a loss in Nevada. ‘The shit will hit the fan,’ one longtime friend of the Clintons predicted. ‘No doubt about it.’”