July 11, 2016

VIDEO: Nevada Democrat Says Clinton “Did Nothing Wrong”

Ruben Kihuen, the Democratic nominee for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District and longtime Hillary Clinton crony, has doubled down on the notion that Clinton “did nothing wrong” when using a private email server at the State Department.

Kihuen steadfastly defended Clinton by saying what she did was not illegal and that she “did nothing wrong.” Kihuen also audaciously claimed “the case has been settled.”

Despite Kihuen’s statements, a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that a majority of Americans disapproves of the FBI’s decision to not recommend charges against Clinton in the investigation into her private email server.

Kihuen’s stunning comments on the Clinton email scandal proves that cozying up to the Clinton machine is more important to him than holding Hillary Clinton accountable for her “extremely careless” actions as Secretary of State. Nevadans deserve a Congressman who will be a leader in Washington, not someone who will cower to a scandal-plagued career politician.



REPORTER: “Her email use, does it concern you at all?” KIHUEN: “Look obviously I think she recognized that it was inappropriate of her to be using that email. I agree with that, she shouldn’t have been using her own personal email, but what the FBI just found yesterday was that it’s not illegal, she did nothing wrong, and that the case has been settled. Now it’s time to talk about the issues that people in Nevada and the American people are concerned about…”