November 5, 2016

VIDEO: ObamaCare Supporter Zephyr Teachout (Correctly) Claims ObamaCare Drove Costs Up

Last month, the Obama Administration released a breakdown of 2017 premium increases that showed that they would be rising an astounding 22% on average, with many of those double-digit premium increases impacting New Yorkers. Given that, even a socialist carpet bagger like Zephyr Teachout can see that Obamacare has become a toxic issue for Democrats.

Given Obamacare’s unpopularity, it’s no surprise that Teachout would try, in the final days of the campaign, to pander to voters and bash Obamacare’s “out of control costs”:

The only problem with Teachout’s position is that it’s a blatant flip-flop. Teachout’s statements yesterday just don’t square with her past strong support for Obamacare. Speaking in April, Teachout not only supported Obamacare, she advocated for a major expansion of the failing program through the public option:

“QUESTION: How would you address the issue of a single-payer health plan? We are the only country that has the kind of system that we have. What concrete steps would you take to move us toward a single-payer system?” TEACHOUT: “Um, there’s two things that I think we should be doing right away. One is pushing for a public option. Real competition, we need a public option. It’s absolutely essential…”

If Teachout can explain how she’s against Obamacare’s massive cost increases, but for expanding it, she’s a better professor than anyone imagined. The voters in New York’s 19th congressional district know better than that. Teachout’s double talk on Obamacare won’t fly with them.