October 30, 2016

VIDEO: Patrick Murphy Continues To Lie About His Family’s Ties To Donald Trump

Florida Senate candidate Patrick Murphy cannot stop lying about his family’s ties to Donald Trump. This week CNN produced photographic evidence of Coastal Construction, Murphy’s family company, doing business with Trump, yet in multiple interviews Murphy refuses to acknowledge the facts.

Speaking with WFLA, Murphy repeatedly lied to Florida voters about his links to Trump. Despite photographic evidence that links Murphy’s father and their company with Trump, Murphy continues to claim there is no connection. Floridians aren’t buying it:

Speaking with CNN, Murphy not only lied about his connection with the New York billionaire, but also about what Politifact said about his lies. It takes a truly skilled liar, like Murphy is, to lie about a fact checkers ruling on your lies:

“In an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Friday, Murphy was asked about a photograph, unearthed by CNN’s KFile, showing his father and Trump at a 2007 groundbreaking ceremony for Trump Hollywood.’Politifact has looked into this, we have never done business with Donald Trump and Politifact verified that because we haven’t,’ Murphy said. (PolitiFact rated Murphy’s denial ‘half true,’ noting that Coastal Construction did not have a direct partnership with Trump but that the company and Trump were involved in the same project together.)”