October 23, 2015

VIDEO: Rachel Maddow To Clinton: Republicans Are Right “Libya Is In A Bad Situation”

Tonight during her interview with Hillary Clinton, Rachel Maddow explained to Clinton how bad the situation in Libya is after the Clinton – driven U.S. intervention in that nation left the country without a stable governing authority.

MADDOW: “I do think that the Republicans on the committee were right yesterday when they highlighted as a policy matter that Libya is in a bad situation…”

CLINTON:  “Mm-hmm.”

MADDOW:  “…since the Libyan civil war, since Khadaffi was toppled and then killed four years ago this week.  I can now imagine the toppling of Assad in Syria, whether or not he’s propped up by the Russians, but like in Libya, I cannot imagine what happens after. And it worries me. Is it a good idea to help topple Assad when there isn’t a government in waiting, we don’t have any idea what would happen then?”