April 19, 2016

VIDEO: Sanders’ Supporters Outraged At Hillary Clinton’s High-Dollar Fundraisers

While Hillary Clinton may speak out against money in politics and the need for campaign finance reform, her actions tell a different story.

Taking a break from campaigning this past weekend, Bernie Sanders went to the Vatican to discuss income inequality while Clinton jetted off to California to attend two high-dollar fundraisers hosted by George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney.

In order to simply attend one of these star-studded fundraisers, the cheapest ticket available was a mere $33,400 – more than half the average American family’s income. But a seat at Hillary Clinton’s table with the Clooneys? It cost a whopping $353,400 – “more than four times the average income in San Francisco” where one of the fundraisers was held. And a few uninvited guests made it clear they were none too happy about the expensive soiree.

In addition to the A-list celebrities in attendance, Bernie Sanders’ supporters showed up in full force to show their outrage at Clinton’s high-dollar fundraisers. Outside one of the fundraisers held in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood, protesters banging pots and pans chanted, “We are the 99 percent!” The following night at the second A-list fundraiser, protesters showered Clinton’s motorcade with dollar bills and held their own counter-fundraiser nearby, with tickets costing $20:

A group of Sanders supporters held their own fundraising event at a home just down the street from the Clooneys. Dubbed the “99% Party,” it was being held at the residence of Howard Gold — of the family that founded the 99 Cents store chain.

As Sanders’ supporters become more vocal in their criticism of Clinton, it seems less likely that Clinton’s attempts to unite the Democratic Party behind her will be successful. And the optics of Clinton jetting off to high-dollar fundraisers “everyday Americans” could never afford, while claiming her campaign is funded by small donors is not helping her chances.