May 13, 2016

VIDEO: A Terrifying Glimpse Of ‘President Hillary Clinton’

Hillary Clinton has a history of placing blame for her actions and her words on everyone but herself. While today may be National Blame Someone Else Day, this is something Clinton likes to celebrate year-round. And her recent attempts to avoid responsibility create a terrifying glimpse of her as president.

In an attempt to justify using a private email to conduct classified business while Secretary of State, Clinton looked for cover by accusing previous secretaries of setting the precedent. Yet Secretary Clinton’s efforts to shift blame failed. Politifact found those comments ‘Mostly False,’ concluding that they were “misleading” as most of her predecessors “did not regularly use email” and none had kept a private server at their homes.

Clinton even tried to rewrite history before the West Virginia primary by saying her comments to put coal miners out of business was taken out of context. However, voters and coal miners made it clear they didn’t buy her blame-game attempt, and she lost the primary with only 38% of the vote.

And despite Clinton’s continued refusal to turn over her paid speech transcripts and claims she will release them when every candidate does, Mika Brzezinski pointed out that “it’s more important to be transparent to Democratic voters.”

With her constant efforts to conceal the truth and blame others for her mistakes, Clinton should be asking herself ‘Why would anyone trust a candidate, or a president, who buries the truth and doesn’t believe the buck stops with them?’