November 6, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Pressed On Qatar’s $1 Million Donation To Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation’s many connections to foreign governments has been a millstone around Hillary Clinton’s campaign this entire election. The Clinton Foundation completely ignored the Obama Administration’s guidelines on the acceptance of foreign donations on a number of occasions.

Now in the presidential campaign’s final weekend, new, previously undisclosed donations are coming to light. This time it’s the government of Qatar who donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2011. This story came to light, not because of a Clinton Foundation disclosure, but rather from a Podesta email that forced them to admit it:

“The Clinton Foundation has said it accepted a $1 million gift from the Qatari government without notifying the State Department that it had done so, an apparent violation of an ethics agreement Hillary Clinton signed when she became Secretary of State in 2009.”

It must be nice to be the Clintons because the initial response to reports that the Clinton Foundation didn’t disclose the $1 million was that it was not a significant enough donation to bother reporting:

“When contacted by Reuters, which first reported on the deal’s ethical ramifications, Clinton Foundation spokesman Brian Cookstra said the $1 million gift did not constitute a ‘material increase’ in the Middle Eastern nation’s contributions.”

The Clinton campaign’s troubles with this issue can be seen clearly on CBS’ Face the Nation. Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine had no answers when John Dickerson repeatedly pressed him on the illicit donation: