November 21, 2016

VIDEO: Tim Ryan Criticizes Keith Ellison’s Anti-2nd Amendment Statement

Tim Ryan and Keith Ellison are both running to be leaders in the Democratic Party, Ellison for DNC Chairman and Ryan for House Minority Leader. But a rift was exposed this weekend on the issue of the Second Amendment, raising questions about how contentious the Democratic civil war may actually become.

Speaking with Bill Maher, Ellison took the radical position that Democrats should campaign on getting rid of the Second Amendment. When Ryan was asked about this extreme idea on CNN, he pushed back hard against Ellison’s ridiculous gun control views:

The huge divide on this key issue is emblematic of the divisions gripping the Democratic Party as a whole right now. While many are throwing in their lot with the Warren-Sanders-Ellison radical wing, many centrist Democrats believe that the path they are leading will cause even more electoral failures for the Democratic Party.