April 18, 2016

VIDEOS: Clinton’s Fumbling And Bumbling Surrogates Are Sabotaging Her In New York

The New York primary on April 19th is make-or-break time for Hillary Clinton. She’s lost eight of the last nine Democratic contests, and it will be an utter embarrassment if she loses her adopted home state of New York.

In order to compete, Clinton has relied on an army of surrogates to blanket New York with pro-Clinton messages. They have utterly failed her. In interviews and appearances, supporters like Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Mayor Bill de Blasio have gone off message on her private big-money speeches and told racist jokes.

Here’s a look at the recent lowlights of Clinton’s New York surrogates:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand contradicted Clinton’s own message on Clinton’s paid speech transcripts. When asked if she would release her private speeches if she were in Clinton’s position, Gillibrand said that “yes I would.”

After the debate, Governor Andrew Cuomo also declined to defend Clinton’s practice of giving closed-door speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars. When asked about it by Chris Matthews, Cuomo flatly stated that controversies like Clinton’s are why he advocates for public financing of campaigns.

And Cuomo couldn’t even stay on message about his own $15 minimum wage proposal! During a Saturday interview on CNN, he warned that the minimum wage hike Clinton now claims to support could have a “negative impact” on jobs:

Those two missteps also come on the heels of Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s racist joke last week. The public reaction has been a problem for the Clinton campaign all week, and the joke has been panned as “awkward,” “painful,” and “cringe-worthy.”

The ill-conceived skit became such a problem for Clinton she threw de Blasio under the bus, saying “well, look, it was Mayor de Blasio’s skit,” and de Blasio was forced to go on MSNBC and “take full responsibility” for the joke.

And Gillibrand’s flub quickly came back to haunt Clinton, creating a tense moment with George Stephanopoulos during her only national Sunday show interview leading up to Primary Day:

The awful record of Clinton’s New York surrogates shouldn’t be a surprise though. After all, one of the New York super-delegates, longtime Clinton ally Sheldon Silver, was recently convicted of federal corruption charges. Clinton must be relieved that most of her surrogates are only contradicting her messaging and telling awful jokes, not getting hauled away to jail.