February 10, 2016

WaPo Editorial Board Reveals Glaring Flaws In Clinton’s Syria Strategy

Today, The Washington Post editorial board attacked the Obama administration’s policy toward Russia’s actions in Syria, posing a strong challenge to Clinton’s policy for the area:

It might still be possible to rescue the Syrian opposition and the hundreds of thousands of civilians at risk — but only if the United States and its allies act quickly to bolster rebel forces and create havens for refugees. The alternative — to hope that Russia and Iran stumble, or suddenly embrace a truce — has already been proved a fantasy.

The Washington Post further noted that Russia, Iran, and Syria, are cutting supply routes to Aleppo, trapping “hundred of thousands of civilians.” Russia is “indiscriminately bombing civilian targets,” a “campaign being waged in open defiance of A U.N. Security Council resolution.”

However, it was not long ago that Hillary Clinton sought to enlist Russian assistance to deal with the crisis in Syria. During the October 2015 Democratic primary debate, and again during her November 2015 national security speech, Clinton called for Russian cooperation on a no-fly zone in Syria:

I do believe, and I’ve said this, that we should be putting together a coalition to support a no-fly zone. Because I – and look, I think it’s complicated, and the Russians would have to be part of it or it wouldn’t work.

As the quagmire in Syria worsens and Russian involvement exacerbates rather than alleviates the problems in the region, Clinton should be called to task for the glaring flaws in her plans for Syria, the country her former Director of Policy Planning Anne-Marie Slaughter called the “Rwanda” of the Obama administration.