August 8, 2017

WaPo: McCaskill Lives At “One Of Washington’s Poshest Addresses

In a piece Monday afternoon, The Washington Post pointed out the luxury accommodations of one particular White House staffer, but they seemingly forgot to mention that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill makes her home there as well.

Want more info on Washington Claire’s DC digs? Here’s what the Post wrote:

“…CityCenter, one of Washington’s poshest addresses and a complex that proudly offers residents an upscale, urbane lifestyle. With high-end international retailers such as Hermès and Gucci on the street level alongside fancy Italian, Asian and French eateries, the building is billed as “the new ideal for sophisticated, modern, urban living.”

“One of Washington’s poshest addresses” “Upscale” “New Ideal For Sophisticated, Modern, Living…” That sounds about right for a D.C. millionaire liberal who is increasingly out-of-touch with the constituents she claims to represent.

Claire McCaskill sure doesn’t line up with Missourians on the issues, which could explain why she votes with Elizabeth Warren 87% of the time instead of standing up for common-sense measures. She clearly doesn’t live like everyday Missourians either. How can she represent the state when she’s spending her time rubbing elbows with the elite of elites in Washington?