April 7, 2017

Warren Just Can’t Shake The Headlines Of Her Equal Pay Hypocrisy

The shocking revelation that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a massive equal pay hypocrite has put Warren on the defensive all week. Warren was inundated with awful headlines all week after the Washington Free Beacon uncovered that she only pays women 71% of what she pays men in her Senate office.

The wide circulation of stories on Warren’s equal pay hypocrisy has led to journalists pointing out that the methodology Warren uses to condemn others could be used against her. Today The Daily Beast called out Warren for her lack of “self-awareness” on the equal pay issue:

“But these shoddy statistics are used as a talking point by those trying to push legislative agendas, especially on the left. Senator Elizabeth Warren has, in particular, been an outspoken proponent for leveling the gap. As she tweeted last year: ‘Equal pay day isn’t a national day of celebration. It’s a national day of embarrassment.’ Unfortunately, her outrage fails to show self-awareness, on some level. Sen. Warren’s own office seems to be afflicted by the same issues she’s publicly decrying. The Daily Caller and Washington Free Beacon recently reported on this, claiming that her employees experience a gap of about $20,000 for median annual earnings, by gender. Ah, the hypocrisy!”

The Daily Beast has been joined by editorials in prominent newspapers excoriating Warren’s conduct. The Union-Leader condemned Warren for not operating by the set of rules she wants others to abide by:

“Otherwise, we would have to conclude that Elizabeth Warren is sexist. The Massachusetts senator is as bad at math as she is genealogy. While decrying the pay gap, Warren ignores that the female members of her own staff make only 71 cents on the dollar compared to her male staffers. This is an unfair comparison. Warren employs many women in junior positions, with a few senior male aides taking home large salaries. But Warren seeks to impose this standard on the rest of us.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post highlighted the fact that Warren, normally so outspoken on Equal Pay Day, was completely silent this year:

“Sen. Liz Warren usually stands up loud and strong on Equal Pay Day, but this year she didn’t . . . persist. The likely cause of her silence: news that she’s a hypocrite. The folks over at the Washington Free Beacon note that Warren’s 15 Democratic female colleagues each spoke on the Senate floor Tuesday about the gap between male and female earnings — but not Liz.”

These stories must have been a huge embarrassment for Warren. Yet if past is any prologue, Warren has no qualms about her utter hypocrisy.