January 3, 2019

Warren Takes Swipe At Bloomberg, Steyer, Booker, Harris & Gillibrand

During her interview on MSNBC last night, Elizabeth Warren took a not so veiled shot at some of her likely Democratic primary challengers.

WARREN: “So I think this is a moment for all of the Democratic nominees, as they come into the race, to say, in a Democratic primary, we are going to link arms, and we’re going to say grassroots funding. No to the billionaires. No to the billionaires, whether they are self-funding or whether they’re funding PACs. We are the Democratic Party, and that’s the party of the people. That’s how we not only win elections, that’s how we build movements that make real change, and that’s what we’ve got to do. We’ve got to win, but we’ve got to produce, and that’s only going to happen if we’ve got a whole movement underway.”