January 12, 2016

Washington Democrats’ Primary Meddling Backfires Disastrously

Yesterday, Andrew Korge decided to run for Congress against Annette Taddeo in Florida’s 26th Congressional District, setting up what looks to be a costly, protracted battle for the Democratic nomination. Korge said his reason for running against Taddeo is because she is not running a good enough campaign to unseat the Republican incumbent, adding  “Annette’s not really inspirational.”

What’s more, scandal-plagued former 26th District Congressman Joe Garcia is also mulling another run and was recently in Washington, DC, fueling further speculation of a comeback bid.

This newest primary comes on the heels of the second most powerful House Democrat attempting to clear the field for the Washington-backed Taddeo, which has disastrously backfired. As Democrats continue their nearly impossible task of retaking the House majority, they are certainly not helping their chances.