April 3, 2017

Washington Post Fact Checker Slams Ossoff’s”Misleading” National Security “Résumé Puffery”

With the George-6 primary only weeks away, Jon Ossoff’s momentum is “frozen.” Ossoff’s stumbles at the finish line are likely due to the growing realization among Georgia voters that Ossoff is a 30 year-old fraud, with no qualifications worthy of a member of Congress.

One of the central planks of Ossoff’s congressional campaign has been his so-called “national security experience.” Yet in a new fact check by the Washington Post they find Ossoff’s statements detailing that experience to be a “misleading” bit of “résumé puffery”:

“We take a reasonable-person approach here at The Fact Checker. Would an ordinary viewer understand that Ossoff’s clearance was for less than half a year? Not very likely. Moreover, declaring himself a ‘senior national security staffer’ is also bit too much résumé puffery. Technically, Ossoff walks a very careful line. But the overall impression is misleading enough to merit a Pinocchio.”

This fact check underscores Ossoff’s extreme inexperience in other ways too. During the campaign, Ossoff has had to “milk” what time he had a security clearance to make it seem worthy of a congressional candidate:

“Ossoff certainly has milked that five-month period of holding a clearance. A casual listener might assume he had the clearance for the entire five years he was a ‘national security aide’”

Ossoff’s claim to be a “senior national security staffer” is also found to be just another bit of resume inflation:

“Does this experience mean he was a ‘senior national security staffer’? That is debatable. In Washingtonspeak, national security staffers tend to work on the National Security Council staff or in the Defense Department. Ossoff did not even work on the staff of a major committee, such as Armed Services or International Relations. Instead, he was an aide to a relatively low-ranking member of Congress.”

The Washington Post fact check also notes that Ossoff is so delusional that he thinks his time as a congressional staffer gives him more national security credentials than two former military service members, including a Gulf War veteran. What a fraud. Georgia-6 voters need someone with a resume that doesn’t need to be overstated. That person is not Jon Ossoff.