December 7, 2016

Washington Post: Louisiana Senate Race Setting Democrats Up For “One Final Defeat”

Since Election Day, Democrats have focused all their attention on the last remaining race, the Louisiana Senate race. Democrats, despondent over their massive failure last month, have poured all their energy into electing Foster Campbell:

“Now that Trump has won, Democrats around the country have showered Foster Campbell’s campaign with cash and celebrity endorsements in an attempt to limit Republicans’ incoming Senate majority to 51 seats.”

Yet apparently no one told the DSCC. While the NRSC has invested heavily in the race, the DSCC “has played virtually no role”:

“The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, however, has played virtually no role in the election — a request for comment went unanswered — while the National Republican Senatorial Committee has opened 10 field offices across the state. A Kennedy victory would give Republicans a 52 to 48 advantage in the Senate.”

Perhaps the DSCC’s absence comes because they’ve been reading FiveThirtyEight. In an article analyzing the race yesterday, FiveThirtyEight examines how the race “isn’t going to make Democrats feel better”:

“Kennedy is a heavy favorite to win the Senate runoff no matter how you look at it. Campbell’s best hope may be for the racial makeup of the runoff electorate to somehow differ greatly from the first round’s or for Kennedy to make a tremendous gaffe in the closing days of the race. Neither of which seems likely.”