March 11, 2016

Washington Post Ranks Missouri The Top Governors Race In America

A new Washington Post analysis gives Republicans “a shot at a record number of governors’ seats in 2016,” and goes on to say that this massive opportunity for the GOP has Democrats “playing all kinds of defense.”

Missouri found itself atop the list of the most likely party flips in November. Democrat Governor Jay Nixon is term limited, leaving the Missouri governors race labeled “a tossup in a state that, notably, has voted for the Republican candidate for president since 2000.”

As the Post reports, the Democrats do have a standard-bearer:

To counter Missouri Republicans’ success at the state level, Democrats are turning to state Attorney General Chris Koster, a former Republican, to keep the mansion in Democratic hands.

But Koster has already shown himself to be a deeply flawed candidate. In 2015, he was the prime target of a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times investigation exposing his unethical behavior with lobbyists, and he was slammed by Missouri reporters for ducking questions on day one of his official campaign.

Things aren’t off to a very good start for Democrats hoping to hang on to Missouri’s governors mansion.