April 1, 2016

Watch Hillary Clinton Make Katie McGinty Uncomfortable Twice In 30 Seconds

Hillary Clinton exploded at a Greenpeace activist on a ropeline in New York on Thursday and managed to put her supporter, Pennsylvania senate candidate Katie McGinty, in an awkward position not once but twice in the span of about 30 seconds.

First, under pressure from the activist, Clinton repeated a recent McGinty mistake and falsely claimed to not take contributions from the fossil fuel industry:

Clinton uses the same tortured logic that McGinty recently employed to little effect to claim that she has not taken money from the fossil fuel industry, arguing that contributions from individual oil and gas executives don’t count. Clinton and McGinty’s spin doesn’t pass the smell test with nonpartisan campaign finance groups like the Center for Responsive Politics, which include individual contributions in their analysis.

Then, Clinton made things even worse for McGinty by coming out in support of a fracking ban:

McGinty supports fracking, and has come under attack from her primary opponents and grassroots activists for her history as a fracking lobbyist and continued deep ties to industry insiders.

One of McGinty’s advisers recently made it clear – in an expletive-laden interview with Roll Call – that McGinty is counting on Clinton’s coattails to propel her in her primary:

“People who give a s— about a woman being president also give a s— about a woman being a senator,” said a McGinty official, who requested anonymity to speak frankly about campaign strategy.

As Clinton’s Greenpeace gaffe continues to dominate news coverage, McGinty may want to re-think that strategy.