May 25, 2016

Watch Terry McAuliffe Change His Story Three Times In One Interview

In a case of extremely bad timing, embattled Virginia governor and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe found himself booked on an “Ask The Governor” radio call-in show he’d committed to before the bombshell news broke that his campaign contributions and personal finances are under investigation by the FBI.

In the hours leading up to his Wednesday morning date with destiny – and Virginia voters – McAuliffe’s initial claim that he had “never met” Chinese megadonor Wang Wenliang, despite taking $120,000 in campaign contributions from him in 2013, was exposed as a lie by a New York Times report that the two men met in 2012.

Fast forward to McAuliffe on the air – and clearly without a plan.

First, he rattled off an impressive list of professional and personal facts about Wang – a man he had claimed to know nothing about hours before – including his soybean business and his roles at New York University and Harvard:

Then, minutes later, he was suddenly admitting to multiple meetings with Wang, but sought to keep some distance by calling him by the wrong name (“Mr. Wong”) and assuring the host they have “zero” personal ties:

But McAuliffe wasn’t done yet – within a few more minutes he was putting an exact time on the length of his conversations with Wang (10 minutes) and suddenly recalled a possible coffee meeting:

With McAuliffe’s story rapidly “evolving” and the press racing to dig into his dealings with Wang, one can only wonder what new details he may remember tomorrow.