December 30, 2015

Watergate Prosecutor Questions Clinton Foundation Ethics and Actions

The Clinton Foundation has been a perpetual embarrassment for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. With the need to refile taxes and the undisclosed, rule-breaking foreign donations, Clinton has continually needed to explain away her family foundation’s shady dealings.

Now Richard Davis, a former assistant Watergate special prosecutor, is raising new questions about the unethical behavior at the Clinton Foundation. For Davis, the Clinton Foundation scheme of soliciting donations from foreign governments reeks of pay-to-play, and he added this would not be tolerated if the shoe were on the other foot:

If fees or contributions were made to the spouse of the President of Zimbabwe or her foundation we would not tolerate it and, indeed, our government might well investigate such payments under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We certainly should not tolerate it if such payments involve the family of the President of the United States.

For Davis, the Clintons’ actions make it appear as if the “government is for sale.” Davis believes that the millions in Clinton Foundation donations and speaking fees for Bill Clinton make it look to foreign governments that the best way for them to influence government policy is to give money to the Clintons.

And all this is coming from a Democrat who worked in the Carter Administration and was supporting Joe Biden for president earlier this year. You know that the Clintons have truly acted unethically when its something both parties can agree on!