July 7, 2016

Weekend At Privileged Patty’s

Patriotic Floridians hoping to see Patrick Murphy walking a small town parade route, mini American flag in hand, this July 4th went home to their barbecues disappointed.

Passing out campaign literature in the sweltering heat is for the commoners, and Privileged Patrick Murphy wasn’t about to let a good holiday weekend go to waste. An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted a familiar face hanging around one of the go-to haunts of the rich and famous:

Maybe Murphy wanted to spend Independence Day in one of the original 13 colonies, right? And who could say no to to this yacht?

Reporters quickly picked up on Murphy’s misadventures:

Sunshine State News: “Really? Patrick Murphy’s Yachting in Nantucket during the Algae Crisis in His District?”

Washington Free Beacon: “Florida’s Patrick Murphy Spent the Weekend in Nantucket With Family Yacht”

Tampa Bay Times: “Nantucket blues: My fish and Patrick Murphy’s yacht”

The Tampa Bay Times’ Adam Smith was actually in Nantucket himself and got a firsthand look at “Cocktails”:

It happens that I’m on Nantucket this week (sans yacht), and took a spin past the 97-foot “Cocktails” this morning. It’s a monster that I’m told would cost nearly $100,000 to fuel up. It’s parked near John Kerry’s sail boat.

Patrick Murphy, he’s just like us! Except not at all.

So what’s self-styled environmentalist Murphy’s explanation for partying on a fuel-guzzling mega yacht while his district is facing an algae crisis? Par for the course for his campaign, radio silence:

The Murphy campaign has not responded to multiple requests for comment into the congressman’s whereabouts over the weekend. It is unclear when Murphy arrived in Nantucket and whether he is still there.

Murphy did surface briefly on Wednesday as the lone Democratic senate candidate to defend Hillary Clinton following the FBI director’s brutal takedown of her “extremely careless” email practices. It’s not surprising Murphy feels a close connection to Clinton – they’re both serial liars, and she sure does know her way around a nice private jet.