May 5, 2016

“West Virginia Is No Longer Clinton Country”

Hillary Clinton’s promise that she was going to “put coal miners out of work” is having a devastating effect on her campaign in West Virginia. Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary in 2008, and Bill Clinton won West Virginia twice in the 1990s. Yet, Clinton is trailing Sanders badly in the polls, and the state looks to be a “terrible” one for the former Secretary of State:

“West Virginia is shaping up to be a terrible state for Hillary Clinton. Polling shows Bernie Sanders with a sizable lead in the Mountain State, meaning its Democratic primary next Tuesday is likely to extend a nominating contest Clinton has hoped to wrap up by now. Clinton has been hurt by her March promise to ‘put coal miners out of work’ as president, a choice of words for which the former secretary of State has apologized but which threaten to hurt her across coal country.”

In a preview of what Clinton can expect in the fall, she has also been hindered by the ubiquity of her disastrous coal comments on West Virginia TV:

“George Carenbauer, a former chairman of the state’s Democratic Party who supports Clinton, said a TV ad for an obscure Supreme Court race has hurt her… ‘We are going to put a lot of coal miners out of business. -Hillary Clinton’ reads text highlighted onscreen in the spot… ‘You can’t turn on the TV without seeing that clip,’ said Carenbauer of Walker’s ad.”

Like many states, the Obama presidency has not been kind to West Virginia. Clinton’s anti-coal agenda, as well as her “propensity to mention Obama every 10 second” has turned West Virginia against irreparably her.