February 2, 2016

What They Are Saying: Clinton’s Devastatingly Bad Night In Iowa

What year is it again? For Clinton and her supporters, it must feel like 2008 all over again. Once again, Clinton is limping out of Iowa after getting bested by a liberal, insurgent candidate. With reporters calling last night a “psychological blow” and citing it as an example of “Clinton’s political ineptitude,” can you blame them?

Below is a sampling of what reporters are saying after Clinton’s horrible Iowa caucus night:

New York Times: “The outcome in Iowa… dealt a jolting psychological blow to the Clinton campaign, leaving volunteers, donors and aides confused throughout the night, and then crestfallen.”

New York Times: “…whether her lack of connection so far in Iowa and New Hampshire indicates a deeper shakiness underlying her candidacy.”

New York Times: “And she still faces an authenticity problem, even among Democrats. Some 47 percent of likely Democratic primary voters said that they felt Mrs. Clinton said what voters wanted to hear, rather than what she believed.”

Politico: “But nothing is ever easy with Hillary Clinton… underscores the candidate’s weakness and the lack of a message that resonates with primary voters.”

Politico: “How Clinton squandered such a commanding advantage in Iowa is an all-too familiar tale with echoes of 2008, of grit and a top-dollar organization undercut by the candidate’s flaws.”

Politico: “Hillary Clinton isn’t a very good presidential candidate… Yet whatever virtues Sanders possesses, it’s hard to discount the role Clinton’s political ineptitude — and tin ear — played in his rapid rise.”

Washington Post: “Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign will spend today trying to reassure supporters, donors and the mainstream media that last night does not mean a reprise of 2008.”

Washington Post: “…Clinton on the defensive.”

Washington Post: “Sanders’s rise in Iowa exposed weaknesses that could haunt the Democratic front-runner.”

New York Magazine: “Bernie Sanders owns the future of the Democratic Party.”

USA Today: “If Clinton officially wins, it appears it will not be as decisive as her campaign had hoped heading into New Hampshire’s Feb. 9 primary, where Sanders is favored.”

USA Today: “Much as Iowa was instrumental to Obama’s path to the nomination, if Sanders is ultimately declared the winner it could prove a significant blow to Clinton.”

Vox: “The Clinton campaign’s strategy will, of course, be second-guessed as stumbling front-runners always are.”