February 12, 2019

What We’ve Learned about Kamala Harris…

What We’ve Learned about Kamala Harris…

Mondays are always rough, but yesterday was brutal for Kamala Harris. She has tried to define herself as a champion of the progressive left since the start of her presidential bid. However, recent reporting has shed light on her past and she isn’t exactly who makes herself out to be.

First, on the Breakfast Club radio show, Harris claimed that the truancy initiative that she embarked on as California AG never sent anyone to jail. Except, Harris was wrong and a “mom was sentenced to 180 days in jail in 2012 for not sending her kids to school.

In that same interview, she said that if elected her Justice Department would investigate improper behavior by police departments. But, as The New York Times highlighted she did not “support statewide regulations for the use of body cameras” nor did she put her name behind legislation that would that required investigations of fatal police shootings when she was AG.

Then, The Daily Beast reported that she tried to keep some inmates in jail “or else the prison system would lose a source of cheap labor.” This also occurred when she was the state’s AG.

The Los Angeles Times  reported that many residents in Oakland, where she announced her candidacy, felt her announcement seemed disingenuous and orchestrated as a “political move.” Harris was born in the city, but grew up in nearby Berkeley and was the District Attorney for neighboring San Francisco:

“To some in Oakland, a city of tender pride, the homecoming rang false, like a distant relative showing up just long enough to pose for a smiling family portrait.”

She also told the Breakfast Club yesterday that she is in favor of legalizing marijuana. However, that hasn’t always been her stance:

To cap off her Monday fun day, CNN dropped a report further damaging her “progressive prosecutor” narrative by highlighting that she supported a policy to report undocumented minors who were arrested to ICE while DA of San Francisco.