August 20, 2015

What Won’t Russ Feingold Do To Win?

If you’re wondering why Sen. Russ Feingold’s favorability rating has seen a 9-point negative swing since April, according to a new Marquette Law School poll, the answer may be that he’s proving on a daily basis he’ll do just about anything to get back to Washington.

Try to hide his record as a U.S. Senator? Check. Abandon his signature campaign finance pledge? Check. Weave a web of lies about his scandal-plagued PAC? Check.

Flip-flop on accepting outside spending? Check. In 2010, Sen. Russ Feingold said he would “absolutely” rather lose an election than have outside groups run ads on his behalf:

“One of his signature achievements was McCain-Feingold, which has been largely dismantled by the U.S. Supreme Court, but he is sticking to a pledge not to take outside money. He wrote the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee again this year asking that it not intervene on his behalf and told POLITICO that he would “absolutely” rather lose than see outside groups airing ads on his behalf.”

Now he’s like:


The Capital Times reports:

Fast forward two weeks later, to a fundraising letter sent to supporters in August by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, signed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

“If we pick up just four seats, we take back the majority. Some really incredible Democrats are already stepping up to run,” the letter reads. “In Wisconsin, former Senator Russ Feingold — a strong and steadfast voice for the values we share — is running to return to the Senate in 2016.”…

…It is perhaps less noteworthy that there’s any confusion over whether he’s “Russ” or “Senator Feingold” than it is that Feingold isn’t asking the DSCC to stay out of the race entirely. 

It appears that Sen. Feingold was right about one thing – Wisconsinites do not appreciate hypocritical Washington, D.C. politicians.